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Working to support educational, charitable, neighborhood improvement and historic preservation efforts in Clinton Hill and beyond.

We welcome all who wish to support our beloved Brooklyn community. Whether you’d like to help improve our historic district, facilitate local arts events, beautify our streets, or  find others with interests in a particular cause, we offer resources to work for a better Clinton Hill.

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Neighborhood Events


Annual General Meeting

Please join us for the Society for Clinton Hill’s Annual General Meeting, April 22nd at St Joseph’s College. Be sure to check back for updates about the agenda.

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Once again, Clinton Hill proved to be the place to be on All Hallow’s Eve. The 18th Halloween Walk was a roaring success. Thousands of tiny ghouls, ghosts and creatively turned out kids and parents walked the streets.
The Society sponsored additional candy to those houses identified on the walk, with estimates for 2,500 trick or treaters most likely being under estimated. But who had a chance to count as the sea of glitter, hats, masks and glowing faces moved around our enormously creative neighborhood?

Many new residents of the neighborhood are not aware that the Society for Clinton Hill organizes the Halloween Walk and organizes and pays for Clinton Avenue to be closed to traffic. The block between Dekalb and Lafayette has been the top destination for many years since our neighbors, Halloween 313 started their annual performance. And each year they put on a wonderful Halloween show to entertain young and old.

The Society also subsidize The Brooklyn Halloween Show on Waverly, a live performance featuring so many of the neighborhood’s talented musicians. This year we all got down to the Monster Mash among other graveyard smashes!

Become a member of the society today for just $20 (tax deductible!) and you can not only guarantee next year there is enough money in the coiffeurs to make the Halloween Walk happen again (and maybe even expand?) but also gives you a voice to speak up about any issues or concerns you have about our beautiful home.

The Society has already made considerable efforts to slow traffic on our streets to make it safer for our children. It creates after school programs in local schools, and every year puts together Thanksgiving packages for families in need in our community, of which there are many.

Council members and congressmen and women attend the General Meetings, so as a member, you can speak directly to those politicians who govern our neighborhood.

Join us or donate today, and let’s continue to make our neighborhood glorious, safe, fun, thoughtful, and full of wildly dressed people having a ball every October 31st!

What we’ve been up to! Neighborhood Walking Tour

During the summer of 2014, the Society for Clinton Hill produced three walking tours of the area.  These were guided by well known architectural and social historians Suzanne Spellen (better known to blog aficionados as columnist Montrose Morris on Brownstoner) and Morgan Munsey (an architect with a broad knowledge of the nineteenth century designers and builders who created the landmarked structures comprising Clinton Hill and Bedford Stuyvesant).

These well-attended two-hour walking tours helped introduce the area (and the SCH) to some unfamiliar with it, as well as provide welcome information to local residents.  The lectures examined frame, brick and brownstone houses, as well as apartment buildings and religious architecture, and provided an intriguing history of the occupancy and evolution of the area now known as Clinton Hill.

Watch out for postings about this years tours.

Who We Are

Current Officers of the Board

  • David Haberer
  • Anne Bush
  • Peter Grossman
  • Frances Rodriguez
  • Rosaria Sinisi

Members At-Large

Linda Scher, Brett Truitt, John Rattigan,
Suzanne DeBrango, Roslyn Huebener,
Sundar Argan, Edward McDonald, Tom
Mallan, Debbie Dangerfield, Benjamin
Pasteur, Russell Granger

Members Emeritus

Sharon Barnes, Brent Porter, Jim Barnes

What We Do

Society for Clinton Hill Committees

House Tours
Organize Clinton Hill House Tour once every other year. Tasks include journal production, ad solicitation, coordination of house owners and house-sitters.

Halloween Walk
Organize Halloween Walk every year. Tasks include generation of map for distribution, reviewing any funding requests, and exploring new ways of using this event to generate revenues for the association.

Traffic and Safety
Organize all efforts relating to our streets and safety of the neighborhood. Tasks include all interface with law enforcement and politicians involved in actions that pertain to crime within the community.

Community Outreach
Organize events to promote the association and meetings to new members and existing members alike. Tasks include the production of at least one yearly social event, contacting any new members to welcome and thank them for their support, exhortation of new members.

Cultural Affairs
Organize cultural events, such as plays, concerts or art shows for the association to fund, for the benefit of the community. Tasks include presenting any projects of interest to obtain funding from the board.

Pratt Garden
Organize the beautification, upkeep and maintenance of the Pratt Community Garden, and maintain a schedule of events. Tasks include managing requests for garden use by community members and collection of fees associated with use of the garden.

Architecture and Landmarks
Organize all activities relating to the preservation and protection of the landmark status of the neighborhood, as well as any concerns that may arise relating to the construction of new building and renovation of existing ones. Tasks include the yearly (or bi-yearly?) election of an exterior and interior preservation award.

Community Beautification
Organize efforts to maintain and enhance the appearance of our community’s streetscape.

Mailings and Communications
Organize all society mailings to general membership. Taks include maintenance of membership lists.

Political Liaison
Responsible for communication between the society and political entities.

Business Liaison
Responsible for communication between the area’s business entities and the society.

Institutional Liaison
Responsible for communication with the area’s non-profit institutions including Pratt Institute, St. Joseph College, Fort Greene Association, Pratt Area Community Council, all churches, etc.

Find ways to raise funds for our organizations in collaboration with other committees, through existing programs and through new activities.